Wired up or Wi-Fied up?

I saw this article and some people came to mind–Adam Pellegrini specifically–and others at FICenter. Even me to a lesser extent.

Mary Hodder owns two printers, but hasn’t used either one in more than
a year. To tell the truth, she can’t remember the last time she printed

Instead, Hodder, a 37-year-old internet consultant, spends almost her
entire life on-screen. She carries her laptop almost everywhere she
goes, traipsing from cafe to cafe looking for Wi-Fi to hook into. She
downloads pirated movies and even television
shows off the net, shops there and pays all her bills, too. Her blog, Napsterization.org,
explores how technology alters the media landscape. Although
technically based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she lives, works and
plays on the web….

…As OPA President Michael Zimbalist suggested in a Nov. 1 press release,
"We are witnessing a shift in how consumers are using the web as
broadband households continue to grow. Clearly, it is much more than a
tool; it is a primary source of information, entertainment and fun."

As more people plug into cyberspace, our interpersonal relationships
— already framed by e-mail and real-time instant messaging — will
become predominately digital. We’ll exist in multiple worlds of our own
creation: the physical realm and the intellectual sphere constantly
connected. Could personal avatars be far behind?

Hodder is perhaps a little ahead of the curve, that’s all.

As more people reflect this way of life I think it affects how institutions operate, even ones as venerable as the ACS.