Donations To Bounce Back

Despite waning public confidence in the ethics of many charitable organizations, good will is poised to make a comeback in 2004.  The favorable stock and real estate markets and an improving economy means that the holiday cheer is likely to be more abundant than it was a year ago.  Many are predicting an increase for 2004 of from 4 to 5% in contributions.

P{ublic trust in charities has been sinking streadily since 2001, according to a recent study by the Brookings Institute.   This past summer the IRS sent warnings letters to 2000 charities to express concern about excessive CEO pay.  Legislators are also getting in on the act.  In June , the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on abusive practices by charities.

At the same time, early indications suggest that Americans are feeling more benevolent.  This should help us.  We have not been a part of the abusive aspects of charities, but it has been hard to keep the taint from rubbing off.

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  1. I saw a report of a public survey about nonprofits that said that the public can’t differentiate among most charities. There’s thousands of them and they all look pretty mcuh the same to the public. Thank goodness the ACS doesn’t have that problem.