Why I reject you on Facebook

So…I have gotten called out for this in the past and will again…but I do have the habit of rejecting people on Facebook. It’s not so much rejecting as just not adding you. In my mind different online social networks have different conotations. For me Facebook is only for my close friends or people that I have gone out and had dinner with, or shared a beverage with. While Linkedin is for anyone that I ever met and their 200 closest friends.

The reason for this is that I see Facebook as a way to keep tabs on people I know and my close friends, while LinkedIN is purely a vehicle to network and let people know who I am and what I do. Does that make sense? What value do you place in Facebook vs. LinkedIN? Leave me some comments. Am I just a Facebook snob?

P.S. I will reject your apps on Facebook as well! 😉


  1. I just had this conversation with someone the other day. I think it’s even in the names… Facebook = friends, LinkedIN = contacts. Still, though, it’s hard to flat out reject someone who’s asking to be your “friend,” no?? Rejecting apps…totally different.

  2. I reject all apps, but will go and check one out if it sounds like something I may be interested in later. My rejections may not be to the extent that you describe. My first criteria is… do I know you? I’m getting requests from friends of friends or just people who work for the same company and am ingnoring all of those.

  3. I’m with you. I ignore all requests for friendship from people I haven’t met. Facebook and MySpace are for friends, family, and coworkers. Although I’m not as strict about it on LinkedIn, I don’t like to accept people I don’t know there either.

    I only reject apps that require that I invite other friends. It’s fun to look at all of the apps that people create. You can always delete those without too much backlash. Deleting people you already accepted is a different dilemma.

  4. Awww schucks, you rejected my Facebook Friend Request, sadness ensues.

    Just kidding, i’m over it.

  5. I don’t mind getting rejected by you on facebook, it’s your failure to follow me on twitter that buries me with angst. I promise never to send you an app! twitter @springnet

  6. Love it, that’s all I can add.

  7. Total FB snob 🙂 For me LinkedIn doesn’t provide enough ability to communicate. I like to turn contacts into friends. But, I have friends and friends. I only keep a small group of people who are close friends. I’m already up to date on their lives. There has never been more than 10.

    Everyone else falls into some level of interest: a) they amaze me, b) they interest me, c) I like them, d) I like them, but they’re not that interesting, e) they’re irritating but I work with them or may have to in the future, etc. Most people never move from interested to friend. My friends are those people I’ve met, and think ‘this person needs to be in my life forever’.

    I can be a tad anti-social, so most people fall into the category of interesting or annoying. With far more people who are interesting than annoying. I love Facebook for my friends who I find interesting, but will never call daily, weekly, or even monthly. It allows me to keep up and even cultivate, when in the real world I would have probably let fall to the wayside.

  8. I think I got rejected on Facebook, but I’m not really sure. Facebook does not tell you. It was probably my fault for mixing the lines up. A former client put me on Linked in and I tried to befriend him on Facebook, but I never heard from him. Another high school classmate ignored/rejected me too.

  9. I have change my mind!!!! I don’t want all the comrcial & Propaganda in my Facebook???? Thank You very much!!!
    But, No thanks,