What's your non-profits resolution? Will you keep it?

It’s 2009 and your going to lose 5 pounds, stop leaving the lights on in your office and start collecting hats. But what’s your non-profit going to do? The non-profit community is also sharing the obstacles to come up with resolutions they can keep and I want to hear from you! The good folks over at Convio (and one of our vendors) wants to ask that question to you, the non-profit rockstar.

You can take the online poll here.

Interested nonprofit professionals, volunteer-leaders and others can participate in the online poll, share their resolutions and ideas, and join in the discussion by visiting any of the participating blogs or linking their own posts to www.connectioncafe.com.

And here are all my friends helping spread the word:

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· NTEN Blog – http://www.nten.org/blog – Nonprofit Technology Exchange Network

· Social Actions Blog – www.blog.socialactions.com – Peter Deitz

· Tech Soup – www.blog.techsoup.org – Robert L. Weiner

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  1. Thanks for helping motivate people to share their resolutions with the np community, David! You should make sure to vote and share your feedback on the site, too : )

  2. I do need to lose some pounds, but my philanthropic resolution is much more important.

  3. As a board member (and past employee) of Knowbility, I want to take us from being an organization that teaches web accessibility to an organization that influences the technologies that help make accessible websites.

  4. My Nonprofit New Year’s resolution is to give people starting points in creating change in their communities!


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