What is RSS?

In response to an email I got last week I’m taking a shot at explaining RSS. Who, me…?

This for you Charlotte.

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  1. David, Great audioblog. I’m jealous.-) One suggestion: Put the length of the post in the description above the file so that listeners will know how long it is. A friend of mine audioblogs and I’ve convinced him to do the same because I decide whether to listen or not based on how much time I have. When the blog is several minutes long, I’ll usually listen.

    As for content, thanks for the info about Typepad. I can use that.


  2. Great post, David. Started a lot of thinking on my end about why I’m not doing this with my college audience. It seems easy enough to set up and manage and I have a community of 500 plus on the Link already that would be a great audience for this. Think I’ll do some investigating.
    Are you sure you never did radio in a past life?