We will miss Mike Mitchell

To all those who have followed this blog, FISpace, and the contributions to innovative thinking supported by the American Cancer Society Futuring and Innovation Center, please pause with me a few moments to think kindly of Mike Mitchell. Mike was “the father” of the Futruing and Innovation Center and all its works. Mike died last weekend at his home in Ireland.

Mike started the FIC in 2002. I was privileged to be a member of FIC and a contributor to FISpace, the Society’s first blog, during the five years Mike ran this experiment in innovation at the end of his 27-year career with the Society. Mike gave everyone involved with the FIC the inspiration and support necessary to bring original thinking and ideas in from the periphery to the heart of the organization.

Mike retired just over a year ago. His time for pure relaxation was too short. We will miss him.

One comment

  1. Amen. Mike was a great inspiration and role model to all of us on the futuring and innovation faculty. He will be missed.