Voting is open for the Do Gooder Video Awards

As the founder of one of the only nonprofits in the world that helps connect nonprofits to filmmakers I wanted to make sure you all knew about our friends over at the DoGooder Awards.
For nonprofits and social causes, video can have a tremendous impact – sharing their message with a larger audience, moving people to action, and bringing more good into the world. But we know it’s not easy and not natural for most organizations to create powerful videos.

One of the best ways to move your organization forward in terms of video is to see what others are doing. And the best way to do that is through the annual DoGooder Awards.

Now in its ninth year, YouTube, See3, and the Nonprofit Technology Network have hosted the DoGooder Awards to encourage and celebrate nonprofits and social causes who make the important investment in video.

This year, the DoGooder Awards are recognizing YouTubers who use their storytelling skills and their loyal fans to change the world, honoring them with the DoGooder YouTube Creator for Good Award. Some of the biggest names on YouTube – including John and Hank Green, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart – have been nominated for this year’s awards.

Voting is now open, so I encourage you to go and see what’s there and vote and share!

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