VoIP providers face price war

VoIP providers face price war | CNET News.com

Awhile back Jim McGovern mentioned that VoIP might be a real savings for ACS in the future. This article shows some of the price issues once the technology is ripe.

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  1. The Dangers of going too fast:

    http://www.nec-si.com/ dallas%20city%20manager%20fires%20cio%20and%20assistant.pdf

  2. Hmm. Can’t seem to connect to the document but the URL says it all. The Dallas city manager canned the CIO I assume for going to VoIP. I guess I’m going to have to find some demo site. I’ve been on the phone with people and heard their voice pop in like the old speaker phones, and I’ve wondered if I was on VoIP.

  3. try this, an extra space snuck into the other link (which I can’t edit):


    Yeah, Vonage and Optimum Voice are heavily advertised in this are, but my understanding is the quality is not there yet, but will be…

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