TXT to Fight Cancer at UCLA

Ahhh! I am very jealous of this cool new project done by our friends in the California Division.  Check out the video today to learn more. I wonder what company they used to do this? Or did they build their own texting system?


  1. Brilliant idea. If you find out about the technical aspects of it, please let me know. I’ll check with my folks at FG SQUARED to see if they know how.


  2. The SMS part was a totally vanilla message flow. Call to action from the PA announcer > Mobile-originated message with primary opt in > Mobile-terminated message confirmingopt-in> Mobile-oriented message confirming opt-in. Standard Stop and Help options.

    It was the integrated activity that made it really pop. The final step will be a phone bank by our colleges against cancer volunteers to follow up with all texters.

    I will send a case study to David to post on the site. Our friends at ISIS-inc.org hooked us up with the keyword/shortcode.

    If you have a good event where you can do a big announcement to lots of people, this is actually a really easy campaign to run. I am happy to share campaign assets and discuss further.
    -miles orkin
    california division, american cancer society

  3. Coolest use of new media for a cause.