Toe in the water of Google Base

Trish Snyder and I have taken a peek at Google Base. It’s a general purpose database they’ve started in which you can post information about anything. I guess it’s supposed to make eBay nervous.

I posted a notice for FISpace. Trish posted about her Relay blog, Relay for Life: Blogging for a Cause.

Here’s an interesting thing. If you enter "Relay for Life" into the search box you get five links to notices about Relay for Life in the database (for example) . Didn’t know about them before this.


  1. I also noticed Good to see that they have all those ads posted on Google Base already.

    About Google Base itself, I am very interested in how it evolves. I am having a hard time figuring out just how it will look just because it seems like Base incorporates so many different sorts of information.

    I suppose it will function in part in a similar fashion to craigslist. (Which has also been used to find volunteers/bands/participants etc for RFL events)

  2. I agree, the evolution will be interesting. It appears Google is going to invite a billion people to post whatever they feel like in Base. Google is providing some categories, but participants can make their own. We’ll see what “emerges” from the chaos. One of the tactics of “branding” these days is getting people to recognize your tags like “Relay for Life”, RFL and “Relay”. Branded tags will be key to finding information it seems to me.