Thoughts about NetSquared Conference

The most persistent impression I take away from the Net2 Conference that concluded yesterday is the rather hopeful realization that there is a good group of technically competent, motivated, passionate people out there in nonprofits working to apply new tools to their mission. What’s more, an open source attitude exists among NPO-types that facilitates possibilities that is inhibited in the competitive, market-driven sector of society. The participants at Net2 uninhibitedly shared what they knew and volunteered to work together on projects that were not directly related to their own jobs. Only time will tell what will come out of the interactions and connections made at the meeting. But I think something good was started there, and the energy of the Net2 effort is worth keeping in touch with.

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  1. Thanks to the link back to the coverage of this meeting – sounds like it had great success, and planning for next year will allow for attendance for all – either in person or online!