The UnLTD Accelerator Needs You!

I’m a big startup person and even more so when it’s startups that are doing good to change the world. That’s why I am fan of UnLTD and the work they do. And right now their accelerator is looking for a new class of folks who want to change the world.

What does participating in UnLtd USA look like?

UnLtd USA founders sit at the center of our network of Austin’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists committed to leveraging entrepreneurship for impact. Each UnLtd USA entrepreneur receives:

  • Seed funding, structured as a repayable grant. In five years, successful UnLtd USA entrepreneurs become the backers of the next generation, paying forward their funding directly into a future UnLtd USA entrepreneur

  • Dedicated, one-on-one support from the UnLtd USA team, customized to their industry, business model and financing needs

  • Workshops, Founder Chats and Mentor events with our network of leading entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and industry experts

  • Cohort-exclusive events to connect with and learn from the other leading social entrepreneurs in Austin

So what are you waiting for? Are you in? yea