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In a previous post I mentioned "continuous computing" and the "information field." Well, it seems to me that the best tool for the kind of engagement described there is not a laptop computer but a cell phone. Here’s a couple recent indicators.

Of course, the use of cell phone pictures and video in the London bombings and other news.

And this NY Times article about Amp’d cellular, a new service being launched for the forthcoming 3-G phones, suggest much more versatility is going to be available almost immediately.

When Amp’d begins service, its handsets will practically overflow
with content and features more commonly associated with television and
the Internet, said Peter Adderton, the 38-year-old founder and chief
executive of the company.

The offerings planned at the outset
late this year include full-motion video of news, sports, concerts and
other live events, as well as movie and television clips and music
videos. Added to the mix will be high-speed music downloads, 3-D games,
video blogs, a dating service, text messaging and an assortment of ring
tones and wallpaper….

Amp’d also plans to create a circle of cellphone-based video
bloggers by encouraging subscribers to post short videos and text made
with their phones or computers.

The service is expected to appeal
to users who have brief video clips that they want to share with
others, said David Sypniewski, senior director for media development.
"It’s taking the freedom of the Web world to the handset," he said.

Seems to me cell phones are becoming more advanced and offering more communications options than PCs. They may become the device of choice for engaging the social and business practices of Web 2.0.

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  1. This is why CNN is using images from London and now Hurricane Dennis from people’s cell phones – called “Citizen Journalists,” CNN’s newscasts are calling for images and phone footage from the storm today. This makes sense as news now can be covered by anyone using cells phones and the Internet.

  2. Yeah, and we should be using them with Relays and other events.

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