The Switch starring Weezer and Foo Fighters

I went to great concert last night starring the bands Weezer and the Fighters of the Foo. The music was great and my ears are still ringing today. So what does this have to do with Social Change? Well for the first time in my life I noticed that 90% of the crowd did not hold up camera’s to capture the moment. They held up their camera phones! That’s right, I think the switch has finally happened. Owning a Treo 650 myself I am more than happy that "The Switch" has arrived.

However are people really happy remembering the concert as they stare at 320×240 sized photos that they can’t possibly print? Or postage sized video that runs at 15fps? Who wants to take time away from enjoying the music to to take photos and video? Who knows. I do know in Korea they are already releasing 5 megapixel camera phones so I guess that won’t even be a valid question 2 years from now. Anyway viva la switch!

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  1. Jeez, when David Collin and I were going to concerts, all we waved were lighters:-)

  2. It’s all going to happen. Some 5 megp cameras now coming out can be switched from still to video mode with one click. Users want both in a small package. So much better photography will move come to phones soon. Some camers and phones are embedding OCR algorithms so you can turn pictures of text into text files.Of course phones have MP3, games, Bluetooth.

    Here’s the deal. Desktop PCs are as ancient-history as covered waggons. Laptops aren’t much better. They don’t have easy tools for audio or video creation built in. Most of the hardware still being built is for the user as passive consumer. So is most of the software PC makers haven’t figured out that the new user is also a creator of content and a full-time interactor. The only form factor that meets current needs of Web 2.0 is the cell phone. It’s a great mobile, creation, interaction device and will only get better.

    The web itself is becoming the most important OS.

  3. While I’m on a rip: Desktops are irrelevant and so are offices full of desktops.

  4. It’s not just the technology that will change, it is how companies will interact with you via your cell phone. Things like being able to text msg queries to google(very cool btw) are just the start. I can get my bank account balance texted to my mobile phone(doing my best to sound english) here in england and top-up my prepaid minutes at the ATM.

  5. Yeah, I think the future of business–even non-profits–is not about location, not about a web site; it’s about a stream of interactions and transactions with people via the most convenient, versatile (likely mobile) device possible. Location will be replaced by embeddedness in the person’s net of interactions. Embeddedness is location, and we’ll all compete to be in people’s nets.

    Say, where the heck are you–although it really doesn’t matter?

  6. Living in my parents basement. It’s where I always hoped to be at 23. 🙂

    It is in Rochester, Kent. It is SE of London. Not a bad place, weather is a bit crappy though.

  7. LMAO…..tell your parents cheeri-o for all of us. And send me some cheap Dr. Who DVD’s will you?

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