The Other Side of SXSW

Sarah G. has done a fantastic job covering the events of SXSW during the day.  I have placed a number of posts on my blog Community Mobilization as well.  But there is more to SXSW than all of the amazing presenters and panels.  There is an extreme social and networking circuit.  After the events the real networking begins.  There were a dozen networking parties hosted by Yahoo!, Flickr, Blogger, the EFF, and a host of other Web 2.0 vendors and service providers.  I actually found these parties invaluable meeting amazing folks from Good Storm, Net Squared, Choose To Laugh and others.  SXSW is one o of the most social of these kinds of conference and that is one of the reasons that folks find it so valuable.

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  1. Hey, I did a podcast for Net2 Tuesday with Andrew Hoppin, a guy from GoodStorm. He said he had heard good things about what the Society was doing. Musta been you jawing somebody at SXSW.