Giving the term "hotspot" new meaning

From USA Today:

Medicines can’t work effectively if patients don’t follow their dosing
schedule — a problem researchers hope to overcome by delivering drugs
using an implanted microchip linked to a wireless control outside the

Researchers for MicroCHIPS Inc. say they’ve
successfully controlled drug doses for up to six months in dogs that
received implants in an experiment. Inside the implants were postage
stamp-sized microchips containing 100 tiny reservoirs of medicine
released at different intervals and amounts.

The privately held company says its first test
in humans is likely three to five years away and could involve
implanted sensors that would monitor a patient’s circulatory system or
blood glucose to manage heart disease or diabetes.

Could also administer chemo, I suppose. Heck, my IT department won’t even turn on the Centrino wi-fi in my laptop for fear of snoopers and viruses. Having your drug chip hacked could be a bummer.