The News, One Entry at a Time

The News One Entry at a time

And I thought we were THE blog to read. Looks like we are getting more and more competition from the big dogs in the media mix! more…

“In the past, we may have needed a paper to tell us the ‘he said, she said’ of a story,” said Copeland. “But now, by subscribing to two or three blogs, you can see the story from many different angles.”

Copeland said readers of blogs know just how many grains of salt they should take with their news. Unlike mainstream media outlets, bloggers “have no hidden agenda,” he said. “They wear their biases on their sleeves.”

Blogs, regularly updated online journals that often include reader comments, have become too big a trend for organizations like the Times to ignore. The number of blogs hosted by various services is expected to exceed 10 million this year, according to some estimates. Some blogs are read by a few dozen readers each day. Others are read by thousands.

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  1. Yeah, we’re on the lower end of reader stats, but that gives us nowhere to go but up! FISpace is a select club. You gotta know the secret URL to find it.

  2. Well you let me know when it’s time to change that. I am sure I can get us a bigger readership than before.