The Largest Online Rally in History

The kick-ass folks over at Facebook Causes have really pulled off something special this last week.  In  just under 5 days, 1,745,754 people sent out 4,919,071 status messages on Facebook.  What does this mean you ask?

It means that on the social network Facebook people have the option to set their statuses. It could be anything from a link to your newest blog post, to what you’re doing on Twitter to where you are. And instead of the normal status messages last week, people set it to do something special. They used to remind people to vote.  Basically the Causes folks created the largest online rally in History. Amazing stuff. Check out the stats below:

Pre-Election Day
Thursday 1,340 participants
Friday 36,330 participants
Saturday 91,290 participants
Sunday 358,147 participants
Monday 932,846 participants
932,846 status messages set

Midnight Rally, Nov 4, 12:01am:

Election Day
6am 1,140,676 participants
12pm 1,476,788 participants
6pm 1,718,638 participants
8pm 1,745,793 participants

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  1. So how can we do this for Relay?

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