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Facebook Causes: What are you wishing for?

This flew under the radar a little but check out the new stuff Causes unleashed on the Social Media fundraising world this week below. They are well known (almost famous) for their cool Birthday Wishes. More here. The Wedding Wish Do you really need a toaster? Or another set of towels? A Causes Wedding Wish is the perfect way for ...

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Fundraising : The Video Game?

Looks like it. Check this out. A small team of nonprofits folks are building a video game that teaches people the basics of raising funds for nonprofits. Pretty interesting concept huh? We’ve got our eyes on this one and will bring you updates as it comes into a playable alpha or beta. Here is a little more about them: “There ...

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New Facebook Feature

Just got this in my email box. Looks like Facebook is now sending you weekly updates of how your Fan Pages are looking. What do you think? What’s it missing? Here is this week’s summary for the Facebook Page: Lights. Camera. Help. The Non Profit Film Festival +5 Fans this week (776 total Fans) 6 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes ...

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