Facebook Causes: What are you wishing for?

This flew under the radar a little but check out the new stuff Causes unleashed on the Social Media fundraising world this week below. They are well known (almost famous) for their cool Birthday Wishes. More here.

The Wedding Wish

Do you really need a toaster? Or another set of towels? A Causes Wedding Wish is the perfect way for your future spouse to mark this special occasion by fundraising for a charity about which you’re both passionate.

The Memorial Wish

Honor your loved ones by raising money for a charity close to their hearts. We can’t bring them back to you, but we can help you give to their memory.

The Run/Walk/Ride Wish

Are you racing for a cause? Taking a stroll for charity? Riding to change the world? Causes’ Run/Walk/Ride Wish product helps you stay motivated to hit your fundraising goals.

The Personal Wish

There’s so much to wish for in the world – dedicate your graduation to charity or perhaps a Christening or other life event. We’ve created this customizable wish to give you free reign to raise money for the charity of your choice for any reason at all.