Nonprofits + Surfing + Coding = Radass

Check out this cool gues post from the folks at Warm Current:

Warm Current began when we (traveling surfers) noticed the disparity between ourselves and those in the communities we visited. Now a 501(c)3, Warm Current serves underprivileged communities and youth globally through donations of surfing equipment and locally through kids surfing programs. The Faces of Warm Current campaign is a fund raiser to finance new kids surfboards, wetsuits and a trailer for our underserved kids surfing program.

It’s easy but very cold to simply ask for a donation and we wanted a fun, turn-key way to engage our benefactors, build a community and grow our organization. For $5, folks can donate to Warm Current and in return can upload a photo of themselves that we’ll use to populate a large mosaic on the side of our trailer. It’s an indirect way benefactors can be involved in our kids surf camps.

The application was built from the ground up using tools such as Amazon S3, MongoHQ and Heroku. The code will be released next week so others looking to run a similar campaign can leverage what we’ve built and be able focus on their audience and message and not the technical logistics.