Is HotCause Hawt?

Hey fellow nonprofit geeks what do you think? Is this something you would sign up for with your nonprofit?

HOTCAUSE was formed to leverage the daily deal model, that launched the fastest growing companies in history, to create sustainable funding opportunities through social venturing for charitable causes.

According to their site “Every day, merchants provide exciting opportunities for our members to try something new, which they might otherwise never have experienced.  Specialty Foods, Creative Crafts, Designer Goods, Gifts, Entertainment, Travel and products/services of many kinds have an opportunity to gain the attention of new customers, and at the same time, help individuals through charitable support. We’ve created a system where everyone is invited to get involved, and everyone that is involved benefits.”  Which includes:
  • Subscribers/ Members – receive great offers and opportunities
  • Merchants – grow business through new clientele
  • Charitable Causes – receive gifts, donations, grants
  • Affiliates – receive commissions
  • Community – charities funded and individuals in need, helped.

So what do you think?