Fundraising : The Video Game?

Looks like it. Check this out. A small team of nonprofits folks are building a video game that teaches people the basics of raising funds for nonprofits.

Pretty interesting concept huh? We’ve got our eyes on this one and will bring you updates as it comes into a playable alpha or beta.

Here is a little more about them:

“There are a lot of books out there to teach you how to fundraise, but there are no video games that teach you how to fundraise. Inspired by Legend of Zelda, Midnight Rescue, and Myst, we are creating a game to help you learn how to raise money fast!

Set in the mythical city of Portland, Oregon, Adventures in Fundraising puts you in the nonprofit fundraising hot seat! Your nonprofit need you to raise money fast or else they will fold. It’s an incredible crisis! But you can do it.

This game will teach you how to fundraise in an engaging, enjoyable way to help empower you and the next generation of leaders to lead nonprofits and SAVE THE WORLD!”


  1. Dear David,

    Thanks so much for posting about our project!

    Capacity building is key for nonprofit organizations, but most of the time, there is such high turnover in the fundraising role, in the volunteer roster, in the board roster and at the executive level that there is no organizational memory.

    Adventures in Fundraising hopes to circumvent this systemic problem by having a game that will help volunteers, board members and staff learn how to fundraise in an engaging and fun way!

    Thank you again for helping us get the word out, you rule!


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