SXSW Crowdsourcing Re-Cap

Hey All,

I had an amazing time on a panel yesterday with Kari, Amy Sample, Beth and Holly. This is just a quick post to talk about my top three takeaways from the brilliant crowd that showed up yesterday (we packed the house BTW..yay NPO’s at SXSW!).

1) Start small. Start by crowdsourcing a T-Shirt contest. Use voting for the best shirt and the hybrid model to pick the winner. The next year actually give them your logo and have them design the shirt.

2) Give great value to the community. Yes you are a non profit and you do give back, but make sure you are not just asking for free spec work from folks. Make sure that the prizes are good and people feel appreciated when they enter.

3) Be carefull of crowdfunding vs crowdsourcing. It’s one thing to let the “hive mind” create amazing content for you and colloborate. It’s another to lose focus on your mission because you are chasing an impossible $$ prize with all your resources.

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  1. Great crowdsourcing discussion! We had a lot of similar things to say in our blog as well: