Social Media for Nonprofits: Getting the Word Out in the New Information Age

Went to a great conference last week here in Austin where I spoke on Social Media for Social Good. Instead of me doing a re-cap here is a radass post from Tim Wilson that sums it all up sweetness style. Enjoy!

Last week, I had the privilege of moderating a panel on “Social Media: Getting the Word Out in the New Information Age” at the 2008 Crossroads Conference for Nonprofit Excellence in Austin. The panel came about largely, I think, because I pestered the Marketing and Development Director (aka…my sister) for much of the prior year about the fact that she was not using social media actively in her own work. That fed into one of Greenlights’s internal planning sessions for the conference…which led to them asking me to help put together and moderate a panel on the subject. Greenlights found the panelists, and it was a bang-up group:

  • Heidi Adams — Founder and Executive Director of Planet Cancer, which has gotten real traction and success with My Planet (a Ning-based social network for young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer)
  • Connie Reece — Founder of Every Dot Connects, a consortium of independent social media practitioners and consultants…who also just so happened to have founded the Frozen Pea Fund
  • David Neff — Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy for the American Cancer Society; he’s one of the key drivers behind

Anne Rickard at Greenlights set up a WordPress blog, and I got to be one of the first to post on it (we chatted at the happy hour after the conference, and she’s now pondering how to turn the “Crazy for Crossroads” blog into more of an on-going Greenlights blog — I’m hoping they’re successful with that!).



  1. By golly, I think I’m going to start telling people that I right “radass” blog posts! Thanks for the thumbs-up on my summary! It was great getting to know you over the lead-up to the panel, and your presentation/discussion was interesting and engaging!

  2. David,

    Would it be okay to pull out the slides of and use those as a case study in the we are media? And, have you written up anything here on the blog that could link to that tells your story?

  3. I’m Too Young For This is an incredible asset for anyone who is a young adult dealing with cancer. Matthew Zachary was at the forefront of social media and non-profits (specifically for young adults w/ cancer).

  4. Hey Beth.
    Yes please take whatever you need. I love helping out We Are The Media as much as possible!

  5. I agree with Tom. is the leader in advacasy, research and support for the young adult cancer community. They were a huge help to me when I was going through chemo.