So what the h%^& am I supposed to do on Twitter

Hey non-profit rock stars!
I have been getting this question a lot lately. I keep spreading the word and when people join it’s all a little too much. So here is what twitter is in a nutshell : Micro-Blogging. You have 140 characters to tell your story. You can post from your phone, the Web or a Desktop Client. A lot of people are saying Twitter is the new IM.

As far as what the %^&* you should be doing on twitter? Well the same thing you use any social network for. To ask questions and interact with people.  And the way you do that is to follow the right people…

Say you had a question on Social Media Ideas:
and @davieam

Non-profits and Tecnology

Questions on Second Life:

Film and Video Questions:

Non profits and Taxes:

Government Relations and Policy :

Of course these are just people I recommend. Feel free to add more in the comments and tell them David sent you. 


  1. Great blog, David. I arrived at prsa sw too late to see your presentation, but understand it was excellent.

  2. Oh, none of us know now what. We’re crazy about it, and are planning to figure it out.

  3. Thanks for the comments fellas. But who did I miss?

  4. You’re right on target when you say Twitter is like any other Social Network — and that means you get out of it what you put into it.

    For Second Life, add — (Laura Thomas of Dell)

    Want to follow some people who are battling cancer or have beaten it?

    PR Pros —

    HR / Recruiting —

    Real Estate —

    For video —

    That’s just off the top of my head … Twitter has introduced me to an amazing array of people I would not have encountered otherwise. Love my Twitter network!

  5. Many non-profits, including the American Cancer Society, have recently joined Twitter. Check these out.

    We’d love to have you follow us.

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