Smart Marketing by Convio (and NTEN)

So check this out non-profit rockstars. Pretty cool promotion by the folks over at Convio (one of our partners in case you want some full disclosure).  So read the post and go apply. I will be speaking at NTEN so come say “HELLO DAVID J. NEFF!”

Thanks to the generous support of Convio, we’re going to be able to provide up to 57 scholarships to this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco, April 26-28. No, the number 57 isn’t a Bruce Springsteen reference (thought that would be cooler): it’s the number you get when you divide the total we hope to raise by the cost of a registration. (See, told you it was prosaic.)

Anyway, you can apply at:

Then, help us spread the word by posting our fundraising widget to your Facebook profile. Donations through the widget go into the scholarship fund, and Convio will match them dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $10,000. We’re also collecting spare frequent flyer miles to try to arrange free flights for folks.

You can find the widget at:


  1. Thanks for the props, David! And thanks for spreading the widget love – it would be great to raise the full 10K to match. Looking forward to hearing you speak at NTC this year.

  2. Hi David: This is an impressive gesture by Convio! About your speaking/session, I had noticed it earlier and wanted to respond with an inquiry to join your panel. Hopefully you’ve heard of ammado and its linkage to nonprofits worldwide with a global donations feature (ammado Giving Circle) in up to 33 currencies? It’s free for nonprofits and I’d love to brief you in your role at ACS, whether or not you’re interested in including it in your session. Barbara

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