Skype: out on the edge

So now I’m having a table topic about Skypecasting. It’s led
by an “expert” who’s done four Skypecasts. That qualifies him as an
expert. Skypecasting has only been around a couple of months.

So what is a Skypecast? Skype is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
service.  It enables you to make voice calls over your broadband hookup.
Make those computer-to-computer calls for free. That’s pretty standard for VoIP
services, but Skype is now beta-testing a service to enable you to hold
conversations with up to 100 people anywhere in Skype’s worldwide network–also
for free–for now.  So it’s a lot like a broadcast.

Things I learned: No way to restrict it at this time. It’s open to the
world.  Skypecasts are listed in an open directory. But you can mute or
eject callers you don’t want in. (Seems kind of rude.) So if you want to
convene your group you can email to the people you wanted. You could mute or
eject other people. Has used it to put together a group to talk about higher
education on Fridays with a specific set of friends. subject. But another idea
discussed at the table is to put the conference public address directly into a
laptop and then out to Skypecast. For nothing you could have another 100 people
in on the event.

When you see this emerging technology your wheels begin to turn about
possible uses. But this is definitely early-adopter technology. Lots of issues
to deal with. But in a couple of years…

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