Selling my House the Social Media Way

So this is not non-profit realted per se… but hopefully you can use some of the tools I will be talking about for other things. So what I plan to do is a series of Blog postings and videos about selling my house the Social Media "Web 2.0" way. I plan to use everything from Craigslist, to to Twitter in my attempt to sell the house. Although I also do plan to have an "old-fashioned"  Realtor helping me as well. And as soon as I find one of those I will let you know as well.

So feel free to add this blog to your RSS or add me to your twitter (@daveiam) and follow along!

– Dave


  1. Have you seen I didn’t discover it until we had already found a house to buy, but it has a fairly active community of real estate pros as well as other buyers and sellers.

  2. Have you tried, or will you try, eBay? *smile*

  3. get ready for a barrage of messages from Realtors… look’n forward to seeing how this goes for you!

  4. I’m about to do the same thing! We should compare notes .. I’m also working through traditional channels.

  5. David I am going to post about what Alison does in her real estate to harness community to find buyers for homes. There are some really cool marketing tools but the best way to get the kinds of things done is to work through networks.

  6. David Neff and Home Selling web 2.0

    David, I hear you asking about selling your house web 2.0 style. I have to say that since my wife is a Cincinnati real estate agent I have been helping her out with a lot of web 2.0 applications to

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