Recommended viewing

NetSquared it at it again: augmenting their project with new streams of communication. I recommend two things you can find at Net2:

  1. A vlog of Alexandra Samuel shot by Geek TVs Eddie Codel at NetSqured’s Northern Voice meeting in Vancouver, BC. A good explanation of what the opportunity is for nonprofits with new media.
  2. NetSquared’s Community Builder Britt Bravo (good name for a female movie action figure, don’t you think?) has started doing a weekly podcast about what’s new at NetSquared. Good idea.

Here’s the other thing to notice: the tools and technology for podcasts and online videos is inexpensive, not difficult to use, and readily available.  With it worthwhile messages can be created and made widely available. I use a simple digital recorder the ACS bought to do the Net Tuesday podcasts, and Eddie’s equipment is modest also. So…go use it!