Quicker changing expectations

Sarah commented a few days ago that companies like Yahoo! are planning to make podcasting simpler. In passing she suggested that I have "advanced tech skills." I demur. My tech skills are mediocre at best. Mastering new media tools is not more difficult than learning your first word processor or spreadsheet program. It’s just unfamiliar and there is a learning curve. I think companies understand that audio and video tools are the equivalent of word processors from here on out (and that’s what’s got Microsoft worried). There’s a lot of money to be made simplifying the process. It will get better pretty soon.

But my advice is not to wait. Heck, you’re as smart as anybody, and you’re as entitled as anybody to have your say on the web. Take it slow and don’t sweat mistakes at all.

Meanwhile,  a Wired magazine article today raises the question: "Where are the women?"   Podcasting is undeniably male dominated. Some say "it’s a guy thing," all this messing with new technology. But the fact that it’s already an issue shows how fast things are changing. 

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