The Good Old Days

This article has been floating around the internet for a few
years now: Good Housekeeping’s advice to women on how to prepare for their
husband’s daily homecoming
. For some, it is a look back at “The Good Old Days”.
For others, it is a look back at a very limiting environment for a lot of
people. Imagine today with a 1950’s work force. How would today be different?

E communities allow everyone to participate – how different
from the world this article reflects. They are bringing opportunity for people
to organize independently and empower themselves where other structures are
corrupt and/or outdated.
Areas of the world not participating in the first wave
of the internet world are entering at waves two and three and reaping the
benefits. It would be wonderful to see the third world play catch-up via these
new platforms in terms of infant mortality, life expectancy, education and
income. Hopes perhaps not possible in “The Good Old Days”.

One comment

  1. I remember back in the ’70s everybody thought everone in India was going to starve to death. Some did, no doubt, but many in India are poised to compete for jobs many Americans think of as “our jobs.” So the change in status of nations can be more rapid than we might think. There’s hope for Africa, but these days the technology is the easy part. It’s culture change that is often the impediment.