Paying with your Cellphone

Japanese start paying with their cellphones

Thought this was interesting. About 2 years ago as we first all heard of RFID tags/Bluetooth the big thing was integrating them into your cellphone. So your cellphone could be the keys to your car, house, work as well as how you paid for items at resteraunts and vending machines. Well looks like NTT DoCoMo is going to start selling a phone that does just that. Now imagine if your phone ran out of batteries or was stolen. Well this article goes into that and how they intend to make this the world’s safest phone. It better be! Check out this kid paying for his Coke with his cellphone. The debit card info is stored in the embedded RFID tag


Check out this page as well for more photos of what you can do with the phone.

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  1. Okay, who’s going to have the first one of these, you or Adam Pellegrini?

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