I was reading Ed Duke’s post about Wiki’s and decided to go look up the American Cancer Society entry on the online wiki Encyclopedia.  Sure enough, as another Blog poster had pointed out, there is something negative attached to our entry. It was basically a refrence to an anti-acs web site run by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Basically they are against the Society since we serve meat at our Cattle Baron’s Balls.On their site you can send a protest letter to John Seffrin and they even list his direct phone number. That didn’t seem too cool to do so I took care of the problem. Here is the entry as of 11:00pm and here it is as of 11:04pm.

Anyway I went it and deleted the reference to the Web site. So I guess the door swings both ways. Is what I did ethical? Well, we’ll leave that up for discussion…..

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  1. So with the reports of a link between colon cancer and red meat–some data from us–do you think we can do Baron’s Balls with chicken, fish, or tofu?

  2. Well.
    It’s pretty crazy to me. The CBB is not about eating red-meat it’s about the old West and the people who had huge ranches. Plus we have always offered Fish, Chicken and Veggie meals. So I think they are just looking for trouble.

    Hey David you want to help me edit the ACS article on Wikipedia. I really want to build it out by adding our Logo, mission, fundraisers, etc…any volunteers?

  3. Lemme take a look.

    The CBB situation kind of reminds me of an experiment we did years ago to raise money with Bingo. Problem was, the players wouldn’t stop smoking. No smokes, no Bingo. So it ended up being no Bingo for us.