New Look for FISpace but Same Attitude?

So you might notice that we have a new look here. We redid the Blog from the ground up and even have a new header with our official logo. Why’s that? Well around six months ago my fellow Bloggers David Collin and Glen Ross let me know that FISpace had gone corporate! We were now a official recognized Blog of the American Cancer Society. So we got to add the logo. Of course we are no Dr. Len, but it’s different audiences. If you want bleeding edge analysis of say…Cancer Facts and Figures 2008 you read Dr. Len. If you want Tag Clouds, pretty pictures and snarky posts with way too many links you read us… In all seriousness though please do take a moment to check out the new look and subscribe to our feed if you haven’t already.

FIspace covers what an organization as large as our’s thinks non profits should be doing in the next five years in Social Media, Personal Health Records, Online Fundraising, Biological Sciences, Information Technology and more. So stick around and one day you will see us be as cool as Dr. Len!

One comment

  1. I like the new look…and love reading this blog. All of the contributors are very knowledgeable. I actually learn from this blog! Maybe when you become as cool as Dr. Len, I can strive to make my blog as cool as yours!