New Computer Chip More than 100x as Fast as Your Current Computer

At room temperature, the new computer chip developed by IBM and Georgia Tech operates at 350 GHz, well over 100 times as fast as today’s fastest commercially available computers. It will likely take a year or two before this could reach the market, but the implications could be huge. With that significant of a jump in processing speed, it’s hard to imagine the possibilities of what your computer/cell phone/PDA/etc. will be able to do.

Researchers Say New Chip Breaks Speed Record
Researchers at I.B.M. and the Georgia Institute of Technology are set to announce that they have broken the speed record for silicon-based chips.

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  1. Yes, it’s amazing how long old technologies can be extended. Magnetic disk hard drives were supposed to be replaced by optical many years ago. But now they’re using vertical magnetic domains and getting huge storage out of them.

    There’s an article in Technology Review today about how silicon nanowires are now reaching the speeds of “conventional” transistors and may have future applications. Conventional means they’re not even close to the speeds mentioned in the article you quoted. That’s still far, far ahead.

    What this all means is that the “smaller, faster, cheaper” pace of Moore’s Law will continue to roll on. With it the ubuiqity and novelty of electronic devices will continue too. And the socio/economic impact of these technologies? Who knows.