Second Life sees First Major Retailer

Springwise reports that Second Life now has its first major retailer – American Apparel.  Vendor of very soft T-shirts used in many cool shirt printing facilities such as GoodStorm, and Shirts by Sam, American Apparel purchased an island and built its own shop there to sell virtual clothing to avatars.

I will watch the development of this outlet to see how receptive the
SL community is to a major retailer setting up shop inside SL.  If
anyone can create their own shirt then what is the social capital
involved in an AA shirt?  AA prides itself on not being a sweat-shop
shirt factory and that is very cool – yet items (especially simple
items) are beyond commodities inside SL.  Everyone can make them!  If
this is a branding and awareness move then I applaud them for making an
effort in the SL community.  Maybe AA will host a kiosk for Second Life Relay For Life shirts?!

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