MSM meets the bloggers

Here’s a question: How can traditional media–TV, newspapers, ad agencies–interface with bloggers? Well, evidently KRON in the Bay Area held a Meetup and 100 bloggers came.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The personal
media revolution came to the KRON 4 studios Saturday when more than 100
members of the Bay Area blogger community accepted our invitation for a

recognizes the importance of the blogosphere in connecting with our
local communities. If you don’t have a web log or "blog" yourself,
chances are one of your friends or neighbors does. Bloggers take the
time to post their thoughts on virtually any subject imaginable. Their
efforts are already changing the media landscape.

"With the personal media revolution
anyone can create any kind of personal media, web logs, or video or
audio or photographs and then share it with the global community," said
J.D. Lasica, a citizen’s media guru and head of "That’s a
sea change for what media’s always been about. It’s always been one way
kind of top down metaphor and now we’re turning it into a conversation."…

Lasica says it’s imperative for
traditional media operations to re-think their entire operations
recognizing the changing landscape.

I could say the same for organizations that have traditional promotion operations through MSM.

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