MSM going internet?

Here’s a NYTimes article about how CBS will be adding a blog to its website to add another attractor for its sagging TV and online audience numbers. But the most interesting comment comes from Larry Kramer, the newly-hired head of online operations.

"It is clear to us that the public has moved to the Internet as the place
they go when they want to get information," Mr. Kramer said, "because they can
get the news whenever they want it and how they want it."

It seems to me we’re approaching the tipping point at which the MSM channels–TV, newspapers, and radio–are either going to go mainly to the internet or at least create hybrids. Six months ago MSM was disdaining blogging, now they’re joining. The change is moving fast and you can see the scrambling for new solutions daily. The thing is, the internet play is different from the old media paradign; they’re going to have to build community.

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