The number of persons over 50 is skyrocketing.  Of all the people who have lived to age 65 in the history of the world, more than half are alive now. 

How does our increasing longevity affect major giving?  By focusing on bequests and planned gifts, we will actually bring in more money from a broader base of supporters than we can through a focus on current gifts.  So says Judith E. Nichols, nonprofit consultant, in Charity Channel’s Major Gifts Review eNewsletter.

The new look in major giving includes:

Larger annual gifts made from the donor’s income as opposed to their assests.

Committed giving over a period of months , years, decades.

Special gifts throughout life when lifestage changses provide opportunities.

In the past decade, afflluence has increased at a phenomental rate.  You should therefore focus on renewal and upgrading rather than donor acquisition.  As life has  lengthtened out, we don;t all go through various stages at the same time.  When changes take place we have the ooportunity to suggest special gifts to commemorate special times.

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