Mail Chimps rocks my non profit a pinch

Just a quick story for the trenches. We are switching massive email providers here at ACS High Plains and one vendor dropped the ball a little. They were supposed to have a email collection form up in time for this massive paper mailing we did. We advertised “SAVE TREES. SIGN UP ONLINE HERE: WWW.CANCERENEWS.ORG

However #FAIL happened with the provider. The mailing still went out. So have people go to a page that doesn’t exist? Not on my watch. Enter MailChimp. Simply signed up for an account and created a new list. And then built a form to collect emails. Now people can go here to sign up (redirected the address in the newsletter via DNS) and when the new system is ready we can simply export out the emails!

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  1. Very cool story, Dave. We love Mail Chimp – see our blog post on it from back in April here

    Thanks for the tip!

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