Les Blogs 2.0 Vblogs and vpods

As a follow up to the Les Blogs conference – you can view the presentations on the Les Blog 2.0 Video Archive. The conference was held in December, and "organized by SixApart and others, including sponsors O4Media (alpha) which provided all the video animation technology and taped the conference using videoblogging; vpod.tv (alpha) is hosting the video files and provided the technology for creation of the different video formats." It comes in iPod video format, Video (Quicktime format), and Audio (MP3 format). Check this out – it covers the waterfront on blogging and the future of communications with some very interesting conversations.

One comment

  1. Yes, and you can get it as a podcast, video stream, or iPod video. The movement to video–in multiple formats–on the internet is moving very quickly. Audio/video will soon dominate and needs to be part of all website planning. And there are other opportunities…like ACSTV.