Lend me an ear

I spent the weekend learning how to do a podcast.

To listen, click here.

Sites and software used:

Audacity (audio recorder, editor)

Flashkit (free, uncopyrighted music and effects)

Ourmedia (free audio and video blog host)

Technology Review  tutorial (Advise downloadeing the MP3 file)


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  1. Good for you, David, and nicely said on your podcast.

  2. Cool! This better be worth the download David! I am going to delete a track off the Gorillaz album to make room for your file on my MP3 player = )

  3. Jennifer Podoll

    I’m going to listen to your podcast this morning, David. The resources you pointed to are very informative. This article in the NYT yesterday might be of interest:

    In One Stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream

  4. Thanks, it’s an interesting article. The trick in not in the technology, it’s in doing podcasting appropriately. Like blogs, podcasts have lowered the bar on production standards. It’s “everyman’s” media now and the informality is part of the idea. But I think people will tire of garbled, ear-jarring stuff pretty quickly. Also a challenge is taking advantage of the low cost, speed, and distribution mechanisms to get a lot of optional material out to people, to tap into useful content that just wasn’t considered before.

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