I'm back and our IT Dept doesn't suck

So I just got back from vacation and yes it was awesome. Yes you can email me for photos. And yes I didn’t check email 2 for two weeks. But the cool thing when I got back was our new iTunes policy. You see most non-profits when you talk to them about IT they wince, or they say "What IT Dept?". When your running a non-profit sometimes IT is a luxury you can’t afford. Or if you are a larger org like we are sometimes you get an IT dept that rules with an iron fist. I know that as a Web Developer I have bumped heads with IT several times before, but not this time. In fact it was a refreshing change!

We noticed back in April that the iTunes store was blocked at work, and that we couldn’t download any podcasts as well. Obviously some port was blocked on our firewall. Now we produce at least two different podcasts for the organization and advertise them to employees and volunteers so we kinda needed that to be open for people to download the podcasts. So we emailed a plea to our corporate IT dept and then hunkered down for a fight. But guess what? No fight at all. They asked us why we needed the port open. We explained. They opened it and then complimented us on the podcasts we were doing, AND wondered how they could help! How cool is that?

The lesson here is beyond ask and you shall receive. The lesson is that sometimes  the IT dept really is on our side. No matter how big or small your  non-profit.


  1. Gee, you are fortunate, Dave.