If you are into Non Profits and live in Central Texas – Join Us!

Join the monthly gathering of Austin, TX area nonprofit technology folks!

When: Monday, May 18
Where: Austin Free-Net Offices, 2209 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX  78702
May Meeting Details:

Finding and keeping passionate supporters for your nonprofit is challenging no matter the economic climate. With so many competing demands for attention (and wallets) today, you need to think strategically and creatively about keeping your causes at the top of the public’s mind. Your nonprofit also needs to reconsider how it forms relationships with supporters so they remain engaged and wanting to tell others about your nonprofit’s work.

We’ll talk about three keys that every nonprofit should know when it comes to finding and embracing online brand ambassadors:

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with the basics toward a gamelan that you can use in your nonprofit to better engage your unique community and have them wanting to tell the world about your causes.
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Who is Chris?
Chris Bailey is the Principal and Chief Community Strategist for Gravit8 Social Relationship Marketing. He works with both nonprofits and for profits, helping them create online communities and social solutions that generate long-term engagement and relationships. He’s been involved in the nonprofit and association sector for over 15 years in diverse roles including membership development and marketing for organizations both large and small. Prior to launching Gravit8, he coached several nonprofit clients at Convio helping them to develop tailored constituent growth and retention strategies that boosted their visibility and results. Currently, he’s working toward an MS in Business Anthropology from the University of North Texas. Learn more about Chris and read his blog at www.gravit8.com or reach him on Twitter at @chris_bailey.

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