I am speaking at NTEN

The 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference will take place Sunday, April 26 through Tuesday, April 28 at the San Francisco Hilton. I will speaking on the following panels. Please make sure you come by and say hello and ask me the hard questions!

Confessions of a Social Media Campaigner

In this session, panelists from difference nonprofits will share their insider secrets about what they’ve learned in executing some of the most successful social media campaigns. They’ll also share with you their deepest confessions about what has NOT worked and why. You’ve heard why you should use social media and you’ve seen what people have done. Now find out what it really takes and learn from their experiences.


1. How much time and resources a social media campaign *really* takes
2. How to *really* get buy in from the top
3. What makes people *really* participate

No Country for Old Media: Fundraising in Online Social Networks

A panel discussing the successful Social Network fundraising done by the American Cancer Society and several other non profit organizations with a special bonus of how to get people off their computers and to your real world events. Covering such fundraisers as the the Frozen Pea Fund, Twestival for Charity Water and more, including the Austin Blood Drive Tweetup and the Hunger Bytes Tweetup with Tyson Foods. Technology will focus on the three screens theory.


1. Understand How Fundraising is Changing
2. How to Fundraise in Online Social Networks
3. The Future of Online Social Networks

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  1. Dave, wish I could be there to get more insight into this. Can you also share the story of the successful Social Network fundraising done by the American Cancer Society.

    Awesome ad !! and awesome idea as well…

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