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I wasn’t able  to attend day 1 of the Net2 conference because of a family emergency. But I’m here and trying to catch up now. I’m in a session moderated by Scott Case and and with industry leaders, Dan’l Lewin and Gido Jouret.

Topic is about the imact on society of networked systems and broadband. Jeffrey Moore–context vs content– good reading.

Network price/performand doubling every 12 months. Making data interoperable is the real challenge and opportunity. It’s a discussion with guys from huge companies about where they fit in the whole world. Kind of an explanation of how the big companies have advanced the common good. Interesting to hear people talk in the language of products, markets, value-added, capital, etc. to a nonprofit crowd.
It’s hard to hear the commonality. Some of it’s over the head of the participants. Tends to show the dual worlds we work in.

We’re talking about trust and establishing interoperability among small NPOs. The power many be in the networking among organizations. It’s clear that the big companies are playing in another whole game. NPOs need to take what spins out from that and do the best they can.

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  1. HI David, keep us posted on what you are hearing. The remote conference/chat is great content too!

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