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When the Futuring and Innovation Center started, I asked to specialize in looking into the life sciences field and its implications for the future of the Society’s mission. I did it because I was interested in it and because, here in California, biotech and associated enterprises is a major industry. I will be eternally grateful to my boss, Pat, and to Mike for their support for allowing me to spend the time and effort to gather this information.

I’ve been able to aggregate quite a lot of information. Some of it has been presented here in FISpace, but much of it has remained in my head and in many resource documents archived here on my trusty laptop. I’ve been looking for the opportunity to make the information more widely available, so I’m undertaking a report about the life sciences industry for presentation to the division CEO and to Mike, and perhaps to additional staff and volunteers.

A few days ago, while outlining the report, a thought occurred to me: Since FISpace (a Springboard project of the FI Center) is an experiment in communication, why not share the progress of my report with the followers of FISpace? Some organizations are experimenting with blogs as a way of collaborating. Ideas and work-in-progress can be posted and others can contribute to the work by commenting, critiquing, or adding to it.

So…I’m going to post portions of my report—my homework—to FISpace. I invite readers to contribute to the report by commenting, asking questions, questioning statements, and offering other facts and information. Here’s my hope: that the final report will be better because the work was collaborative rather than just my perspective.

There will be two ways to participate: 1) using the “comments” field at the bottom of each post, or, 2) sending me e-mail by clicking the “Send me e-mail” link over in the right-hand column.

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