Health Reminder Assistant

One of the outstanding Springboard projects supported by the Futuring and Innovation Center is the Health Reminder Assistant (HRA). Adam Pellegrini, VP for Sales and Systems Development, Great West Division, has been developing this product to provide online health reminders—cancer and other health matters—as a product to corporate clients. I have been remiss in not posting more about the project, so here’s the two most recent memos from Adam. They’re in reverse order. The first is the most recent and the one following it is from an earlier memo, but it provides more background and a link to a webmercial that describes the product.

October 12

Hello All,

Wanted to give everyone an update…

…on an upcoming milestone for the HRA. I believe we have found the perfect niche for the service. After meeting with Dell last week (thanks Danny), this strategy was reconfirmed in my mind.

Starting November 21st, we will be implementing a “Set your Quit Date” reminder mechanism and promoting to all employees at Weyerhaeuser. What this will do is allow an employee or family member to set their “quit date” and sign up for a reminder to come exactly on that date. But here is the cool part, once the subscriber picks up the phone, the voice will come and remind them that today is their day to quit. Then the system will allow the individual to “Press 1 to connect to your Quit Line counselor to begin your freshstart on life”. The client presses #1 and is hot transferred to the quit line counselor.

Dr. Harris has informed me that this type of out bound quitline recruitment has yet to be done and could be a huge innovation in that market. Since we (and our competitors) are struggling to find ways to recruit employees into the quitline (our cost recovery model is built upon volume) this may place us at a significant advantage above everyone else.

I am pretty excited about this and will report back to the team the results of the November 21st launch.

I can foresee this being a huge tool for us and a practical technology tool for GASO.


October 5

Hello all,

I am extremely excited to announce a new enhancement to the Health Reminder Assistant that feedback showed was the “missing link” to usability. The new HRA Easy Setup Wizard allows users to setup an account in the HRA in 4 easy steps. Before, users were required to fill out a page full of information in order to be setup in the system, web trends showed this to be a significant barrier to enrollment (our Achilles heel..had to make an ancient Greek reference). We feel, and will test, that this mod will increase enrollment and user satisfaction.

So….without further hype, here is the link. Another enhancement is that now, the HRA Webmercial has the company specific login link embedded into it, this unique URL will eliminate the need for our system to check eligibility files of the company to grant access (or at least minimize unauthorized traffic).

With Webmercial:

Without Webmercial:

On another front, we have been testing the Health Messaging Assistant as a recruitment tool for the HRA. This test so far has proven to be very successful with a consistent 10% response rate. This response rate is without an enhanced promotional adjustment we will be making in the email messages.

If you would like to receive HMA test messages to see what the system is like, let me know.

Real kudos need to go out to Jeremy and his team for spinning up this mod so quickly (and cost effectively as always).


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  1. Tom Ryan and myself were signed up for this program, and we did the first 2 telephone counselling sessions, then it was found out that the offer was not available in Canada at that time. Please advise as to how to register in Canada now..
    Thank you