Health and Medicine 2.0

With almost everything bearing the “2.0” label these days, I suppose it’s not surprising that we’d get Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0. They’re really complementary ideas. They emphasize a more patient- or consumer-centered view of the health model. This video is about Health and Medicine 2.0 and their . The qualities of the new model include: participation, collaboration, “apomediation,” openness, and–ta-dah!–social networking.  The whole idea is to get people to be more responsible for prevention and positive health.

Health & Medicine 2.0 from David Collin on Vimeo.


  1. David –

    You’re not the only one asking that question! Last April, 50 people gathered in Amsterdam for the first international Health 2.0 event (Health 2.0 Unconference NL).

    At the conclusion of that show, which I helped organize, the entire audience was asking ‘what’s next?’ and when can we get rid of the numbered iteration of development and innovation?

    As a result, the six unconference founders (five Dutch friends and myself) founded Nexthealth.NL and began to write about what might come next after we’ve worn out the numbers.

    In a paper, research partner Maarten den Braber and I mapped out definitions of Health 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 using specific examples, some pulled from the current Health 2.0 crowd of presenters (American Well, Organized Wisdom, etc).

    So it’s been defined at least once (and if the debate over ‘what is Health 2.0 continues, other definitions will follow’), but there are no Health 4.0 conferences that I know of (yet)…

    Maarten den Braber and I presented that paper, including one potential definition of Health 4.0 and a theory on the evolution of consumer centric care at the Medicine 2.0 Congress in September, 2008 (Toronto).

    We posted our paper here (the day of our presentation, several hours early):

    And presentation slides here:

    A bit more background: